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    Clinical Supervision

    About Clinical Supervision

    Brian is a Qualified Supervisor approved by the state of Florida for registered mental health counseling interns and is currently considering new interns who are seeking licensure following graduate school. High-quality and effective supervision was integral to his growth as a clinician and therefore he is extremely passionate about paying it forward to those who are looking for similar guidance and support. Brian feels a sense of duty to mold the future generations of psychotherapists in the right way to provide highly effective care.  

    Improve your skills in:

    Case conceptualization from a trauma-informed lens

    Treatment planning for complex presentations

    Reflecting, Socratic questioning, and other microskills

    Working with parts/ego states to address inner conflicts

    Effective challenging of clients while maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship

    Treating the whole system

    Achieving second-order change beyond just symptom reduction, but rather a change in patterns and core beliefs

    Collaboration with other stakeholders

    If this resonates with you, please call or email Brian to discuss if you’d be a good fit!