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    Compulsive Gambling

    About Compulsive Gambling

    Compulsions around spending and gambling have become a major problem in today’s society. As casinos, sports betting, online gambling, etc, have been widely “normalized” in our culture, we are seeing more and more patients struggling with compulsive gambling. The person struggling with this addiction is caught in the throes of addiction very similarly to those struggling with substance use disorders. The same part of the brain is stimulated in these transactions, whether the person wins or loses. Recklessness around money, dishonesty, and high risk behaviors associated with this addiction can cause financial, emotional, marital, and legal issues if untreated. Gambling addiction and other process addictions require mental health intervention to treat, as the individual will need to identify triggers and regain a healthy relationship with their finances. Like most compulsive behaviors, therapy can help look at the root of how these maladaptive patterns developed, and replace these behaviors with healthier coping skills.

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