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    Conditions Treated with EMDR

    We have used EMDR to help treat individuals with issues related to:

    • Sexual trauma including rape and incest
    • Death and complicated grieving
    • Bullying, exclusion, and peer conflict/rejection
    • Neglect, abandonment, and attachment wounds
    • Codependency, relationship insecurities, feeling overly-responsible for others and others’ emotions
    • Complex PTSD (C-PTSD)
    • Dissociative disorders including DID
    • Personality disorders
    • Physical and emotional abuse
    • Domestic violence
    • Difficult relationship breakups and “unrequited love”
    • Prison experiences
    • Military and veterans issues including combat, moral injury, survivors guilt
    • Car accidents
    • Infidelity and betrayal, including organizational betrayal
    • Medical trauma
    • Major natural or man-made disasters such as tornados and hurricanes
    • Toxic shame / Pervasive negative beliefs about oneself, self-doubt, hyper-criticalness of self
    • Anger issues
    • Addictions and compulsive behaviors
    • Physical/chronic pain
    • Performance Anxiety / Performance Enhancement
    • Perfectionism
    • Shooting survivors
    • Finding people injured, deceased, or overdosed

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