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    Eating Disorders

    About Eating Disorders

    Our relationship with food is vital and one of the most difficult tasks to heal once it has become unhealthy. Eating disorders affect 30 million Americans currently and is the third most common chronic illness among adolescent females. Thought to be a “women’s issue,” 10 million men are currently struggling with eating disorders in our country. To add some perspective, about one person per hour dies of an eating disorder. Early intervention and specialized clinical intervention are absolutely crucial. Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, compulsive exercising, extreme aversion to entire food groups, abusing stimulants or diet pills, following unhealthy diet trends, and steroid use are just the beginning of the list of things that require specific and dedicated clinical attention. Untreated, these conditions consume every thought and can even be fatal in severe conditions. It is incredibly important to find a clinician with experience and training to treat this extremely at risk population and help them to heal.


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