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    Why Mangroves?

    Mangroves are well-known for their roots. We believe that true change in therapy happens when you get at the roots of the issue, not with just staying at the surface.

    Do you take insurance?

    We are a private pay practice and are not in-network with any insurance companies. However, we can provide an invoice with the correct documentation to submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. For your convenience, click here for a worksheet you can follow as a guide to help you contact your insurance company to determine your out-of-network benefits.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Most clients opt to leave a credit card on file. This way we can focus all of our session time on the issues that matter (and then process payment with a few mouse clicks after you leave).

    How long will I be in therapy?

    This is a great question and very difficult to determine without a thorough assessment of each client’s issues. Please discuss this with your therapist and collaborate with them in the treatment planning process.

    I'm afraid I'll get worse if I talk about painful experiences.

    It’s natural to worry about your stability and level of distress when faced with the prospect of revisiting old, painful experiences in therapy. Skilled clinicians will guide you through the work in a structured, methodical pace that is safe and effective and taking consideration of the individual client’s needs. Definitely discuss this with your therapist!

    Do you offer online therapy?

    Yes! Therapist are available to meet either in person or via a secure telehealth session using encrypted video technology. The therapy profession has adapted to all of the various challenges in the world. Whether to practice social distancing, to be safe and comfortable in your own home, or out of convenience in your busy schedule, virtual sessions can be an excellent option!

    How do I know that my privacy will be protected?

    Our clinicians all operate under a standard code of ethics and in accordance with federal and state laws. Confidentially is protected by legal statute but is also vital to building safety and trust in the therapeutic relationship. I mean, who would talk about sensitive issues if there was a worry about confidentiality?

    Do you provide marriage counseling and/or family counseling?

    Yes! With years of experience, we feel very strongly that the family dynamics fuel the recovery process and are vital for lasting wellness. We are happy to incorporate family members in sessions. It is helpful for both us as the clinician and for the client to interact with the people closest to you.

    We are also very well-versed on attachment issues and personality styles that make communication in marriage/coupleship difficult at times. Our clinicians are well-versed in techniques to help couples learn to communicate better, overcome relational trauma, and form more connectivity with one another through techniques to help clients better understand their defense mechanisms and coping skills and how they present in their current relationships. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common questions that client have asked in the past. If you have a different question or any inquiry or concern at all, please don’t hesitate to ask!