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    Grief and Loss

    A close up of a woman covering her face against a dark background. A grief counselor in Palm Beach County, FL can offer support in overcoming grief symptoms in Palm Beach County, FL. We offer grief counseling in Delray Beach, FL and more.

    Grief Counseling in Delray Beach, FL

    The term “grief” describes the deep sorrow caused by the loss of someone or something significant. It is a normal and natural emotional reaction. Yet, it can be overwhelming and quite difficult to cope with. Many people find themselves stuck in the grieving process. When they do, they seek professional grief counseling to work through their intense experiences.

    Common Grief Reactions

    Everyone’s situation is unique and deserving of personalized care and support. But, there are some common reactions following a loss. Of note, these experiences can range in intensity and duration and vary considerably depending on the person. There is no “supposed to” when it comes to grief.

    • Strong Emotions  these often come in waves. They include shock, numbness, pain, sadness, anger, helplessness, guilt, emptiness, and even relief.
    • Issues with Thought and Cognition – including confusion, difficulty concentrating, preoccupation with the loss, intrusive images and flashbacks, dissociation and feeling detached, and even hallucinations (for example, seeing the loved one all over the place).
    • Behaviors – difficulty sleeping, crying, substance use, and other examples of maladaptive coping.
    • Physiological symptoms – such as a change in energy level, loss of appetite, upset stomach, headaches, fatigue, and tightness in the throat or chest.

    A close up of a person holding the collar and leash of a dog. Grief counseling in Delray Beach, FL can help you cope with losing loved ones. Contact a grieving counselor in Delray Beach, FL for support with grief symptoms in Palm Beach County, FL today.

    Common Types of Losses that lead to Grief Reactions

    People often associate grief with people dying. But, there are many types of losses that can precipitate a strong grief response and may require grief counseling. Here are some common examples of losses that we find in our practice:

    • Death of a loved one
    • Loss of a pet
    • End of a relationship
    • Friendship falling out
    • End of a valued job or career
    • An injury that leads to the inability to play a sport or instrument
    • Loss of ability to function after illness (e.g., losing a limb, blindness, etc.)

    Traumatic grief (Complicated Grieving)

    Often the circumstances or manner in which a loss occurs can create a different kind of reaction. For example, losing a family member to old age may generate feelings of grief and bereavement. But, losing a family member in an assault or a sudden car accident can introduce other symptoms to the mix. In essence, situations like this can be a trauma and a loss.

    A person will experience typical feelings related to the loss of someone or something significant. But the specifics related to how the loss occurs can generate a post-traumatic stress response alongside the grief reactions mentioned above. Some examples of situations that can generate this type of response include the loss of a child. Or, a sudden, unexpected death, or a situation that involves violence or horror. Sometimes a person cannot even start the grieving process if they are still traumatized by what happened. Thus, necessitating a different approach to treatment (a trauma-informed approach).

    A girl rests her head against her hand with an upset expression. A grief counselor in Palm Beach County, FL can help you in managing grief symptoms in Palm Beach County, FL. Learn more about grief counseling in Delray Beach, FL today.Begin Grief Counseling in Palm Beach County, FL with a Skilled Grief Therapist

    A skilled clinician can help create a safe space to process the loss in a meaningful way, normalize and validate your experience, and assist in helping you move through your experience and get unstuck. At Mangrove Therapy Group, our clinicians are experienced in working with all forms of grief and loss and would be honored to be with you in your time of mourning.

    Other Services Offered with Mangrove Therapy Group 

    Grief counseling isn’t the only service offered at our Delray Beach, FL-based practice. Our clinicians are experts in treating trauma and PTSD/C-PTSD. We also offer support for addictions like substance abuse, process addictions, eating disorders, body image, and “Failure to Launch” syndrome. In addition, we also offer support via EMDR, personality disorders, problems with self-esteem, and much more. Feel free to visit our blog page to learn more today!

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