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    Referrals & Collaboration


    At Mangrove Therapy Group we take professional referrals with the utmost pride and seriousness and appreciate your faith in us to provide psychotherapy services to those in mind. Thank you for considering us – we will do our very best to help them. If you have someone who you think might be a good fit, please feel free to provide them with our contact information below or contact us to discuss the case more in-depth to ensure we have the skills, experience, personality style, and availability that your clients may need.  


    We also value collaboration and consider it essential in providing a high level of client care. We realize that communicating with psychiatrists, family members, case managers, attorneys, and so forth takes precious time away from an already busy schedule. However, being busy is no excuse not to communicate and we emphasize its importance to all team members in our practice. If you don’t feel that a team member is collaborating enough, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Brian or Ashley to discuss.  

    Let’s get to work!