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    Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

    The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) in Delray Beach, FL

    The Safe & Sound Protocol is an innovative, evidenced-based therapy developed by Dr. Stephen Porges whose pioneer research on the Polyvagal Theory has greatly influenced what we currently know about the impact of trauma on the nervous system.  The SSP uses filtered music to shift the nervous system’s ability to self-regulate and experience and sense of calm and safety.  

    Most trauma survivors know what it feels like to be on constant alert, their nervous systems primed by their exposure to traumatic conditions to be in perpetual hypervigilance and fight or flight. This sense of being on-guard and unable to feel safe in their bodies creates major obstacles to experiencing inner peace, feeling connected in relationships, and being fully engaged in the world.  The Safe & Sound Protocol is a bottom-up intervention designed to stimulate the vagus nerve to thereby improve a person’s ability to experience this state of safety and calm.  

    Who Would Benefit from the SSP?

    The SSP is delivered by a certified provider and designed to address dysregulation caused by the following conditions: 

    • Trauma-related disorders
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Sleep issues
    • Focus and Attention issues
    • Autism spectrum disorders
    • Misophonia
    • Sensory processing disorders
    • Social and emotional difficulties


    Click here for a brief video overview of the SSP process.

    Click here for a testimonial on how SSP works. 

    Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) at Mangrove Therapy Group

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