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    Self-Esteem Counseling

    The term “self-esteem” refers to the confidence we have in our own worth or abilities. Often, childhood wounds and unmet developmental needs lead to issues related to low self-esteem and self-worth. These deeply-ingrained negative core beliefs about ourselves are rooted in fear and toxic shame and cause problems in many areas of life such as relationships, school, work, and on society as a whole.

    Some examples of these negative beliefs include:

    I’m not good enough

    I’m worthless

    I don’t deserve love

    I’m bad

    I’m weak

    I’m shameful

    I’m unimportant

    I’m defective or broken

    I’m a failure or disappointment

    I have to be perfect

    Sometimes these beliefs are not felt 100%, or are only felt in certain situations. Sometimes a person can know they are “good enough” on an intellectual level but feel unworthy in their gut.

    A skilled clinician works with the individual to examine the roots of negative beliefs about themselves, often making connections to their relationships with primary caregivers and early life experiences. These core beliefs color the world around us and create distortions in thought processes as well as intense emotional experiences. Ultimately, these beliefs impact every future relationship, friendship, job opportunity, etc. Overall, we need to heal our wounded inner child!

    At Mangrove Therapy Group, various therapy approaches and interventions are used to address issues of low self-esteem. These can include reframing negative thought patterns, challenging old ideas and unhelpful “stories” about oneself, and resolving old emotional wounds.

    Let’s get to work!