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    Substance Use Disorders

    A top down view of drugs and alcohol of different kinds, representing the stress substance abuse counseling in Palm Beach, FL can address. Learn more about substance abuse counseling in Delray Beach, FL by contacting a substance abuse counselor in Palm Beach, FL today.

    Substance Abuse Counseling in Palm Beach, FL

    The problematic use of alcohol and drugs can lead to major impairments in every aspect of a person’s life. But, they can also wreak havoc on the lives of everyone around them. It is the source of profound suffering and despair. A large study in 2020 found that 14.5% of the population aged 12 years and older (or 40.3 million people) had a substance use disorder that year. In 2019, there were 70,630 drug overdose deaths in the United States. Individuals and families struggling with substance abuse issues will need effective, comprehensive treatment.

    Individuals with substance use disorders have often lost the ability to control their use. They may engage with it in a compulsive, unstable manner. It’s as if their use has gained a mind of its own with seemingly no way to stop the vicious cycle from repeating.

    Symptoms of a Substance Abuse 

    Here are some common symptoms of substance abuse:

    • Doing more of a substance or alcohol for longer than intended
    • Repeated, unsuccessful efforts to stop or curb their use or drinking
    • Continuing to use substances or alcohol despite negative consequences
    • A great deal of time and energy is spent in activities necessary to obtain substances or recovery from their effects
    • Cravings
    • Substance abuse or drinking leads to a failure to fulfill major obligations or responsibilities
    • Giving up things you would consider to be important such as recreational interests or social activities because of one’s substance use or drinking
    • Tolerance, as defined by the need for increasing amounts of the substance or drinking to achieve the desired result
    • Withdrawal

    A silhouette of a woman holding an alcohol bottle against her head. A substance abuse counselor in Palm Beach, FL can offer support in overcoming substance use disorder symptoms in Palm Beach, FL. Learn more about substance abuse counseling in Delray Beach, FL today.

    Substance Abuse is “Maladaptive”

    The use of substances is a primary, yet maladaptive coping skill for many people who struggle across a variety of domains. For example, a user may self-medicate emotions such as fear, as in the case of social anxiety. This may allow them to feel less uncomfortable and inhibited. A user may also attempt to numb the emotional pain a person may have from unresolved trauma or grief. They may smoke copious amounts of marijuana to manage stress. Their use is “maladaptive” because, on one hand, there is a legitimate need they are attempting to meet. But, abusing substances in actuality ends up causing more harm to the person in the long run. Thus, therapy must help to uncover these needs and provide more adaptive ways to cope.

    How Substance Abuse Counseling in Palm Beach County, FL Can Help

    Professional treatment is often required to support one’s recovery from substance use disorders. Help is often needed to explore the underlying motivations and needs that perpetuate this issue. Finding support can help replace maladaptive coping with more effective skills. Working with a substance abuse therapist can help you engage in life in a more healthy and joyful way. Probing deeper into the use of chemicals often uncovers issues related to

    We support participation in 12-step programs. But, lasting recovery often requires more than “just not drinking” or attending meetings. Rather, addressing these underlying issues is critical to comprehensive recovery.

    A person stands on a the shore of a beach watching the sunset. This could represent the bright future cultivated by substance abuse counseling in Palm Beach, FL. Learn more about overcoming substance use disorder symptoms in Palm Beach, FL by contacting a substance abuse counselor in Palm Beach, FL.

    Our Approach to Substance Abuse Counseling in Palm Beach County, FL

    Clinicians at Mangrove Therapy Group have extensive experience in treating alcohol and substance use disordersThis has been developed through working with both individuals and families (taking a systems approach to change). They have treated clients at all levels of care. This includes residential treatment facilities, IOP programs, detox centers, and on an outpatient basis, and they have experience in case management, referrals, as well as crisis interventionThey are all passionate about this condition and believe strongly that change and real recovery can occur.

    Begin Substance Abuse Counseling in Palm Beach, FL

    You deserve support in overcoming your substance use disorder and the effects it may have on your life. Our team of caring therapists would be happy to offer you support today. We help clients from our Palm Beach, FL-based practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
    1. Contact Mangrove Therapy
    2. Meet with a caring trauma therapist
    3. Start overcoming your substance use disorder!

    Other Services Offered With Mangrove Therapy Group 

    Substance abuse counseling isn’t the only service we offer. Our clinicians are experts in treating trauma and PTSD/C-PTSD, but also in a variety of other issues. These include issues including body image issues, anger management, anxiety, and low self-esteem. We also offer support with addictions such as substance use disorders and processing addictionseating disorders“Failure to Launch” syndrome, personality disordersgrief and loss, DBT, CBT, and much more. Feel free to learn more by visiting our blog today.