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    Therapy for Trauma

    A person raises their hands towards the sun as they enjoy the sunshine. This could represent overcoming trauma with the help of trauma therapy in Palm Beach, FL. Learn more about trauma treatment and other services by contacting a trauma therapist in Palm Beach, FL today.

    Trauma Therapy in Delray Beach, FL (and online)

    • Are you tired of struggling with deep emotional pain and waves of strong feelings that seem to come out of nowhere?
    • Are you always on guard, hypervigilant, or often startled?
    • Do you struggle with feeling safe or do you have a hard time trusting people?
    • Will disturbing images, feelings, and memories pop into your head or show up in your dreams?
    • Do you have addictions or engage in compulsive, numbing behaviors?
    • Have you experienced a sense of detachment, seen the world through a fog, or feel that life is mechanical or unreal?
    • Do you continue repeating the same patterns in relationships? Are you seeking out and attracting unhealthy partners?

    These are common struggles of clients who come to trauma therapy. These clients recognize adverse events from their past are impacting their current functioning. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could be dealing with unresolved trauma. Effective therapy with an experienced, trauma-informed therapist can help you heal old wounds. Together, you can create a sense of freedom from the source of your emotional pain.

    Click here to see our page on what is considered “trauma”.

    Healing from Trauma With Trauma Therapy in Palm Beach, FL

    A person stands with their hands above their head as they look towards the setting sun. This could represent the calm and joy a trauma therapist in Palm Beach, FL and help you achieve. Learn more about trauma therapy in Palm Beach, FL by contacting a trauma therapist in Miami, FL today.

    Some clients come to trauma therapy after having experienced a traumatic event or events and know exactly what they would like to address. Others come in for seemingly-unrelated reasons. This may include issues such as:

    • Perfectionism
    • Toxic relationship patterns

    Clients realize through trauma therapy that many of these issues stem from unresolved, painful, or invalidating experiences from their past.

    Trauma therapy is a broad term. From our perspective, it refers to the process of helping clients improve their lives. This means working through whatever unresolved stuff needs to be addressed and healed. A person may carry the debilitating symptoms of PTSD. On the other hand they may want to get past a nagging sense of low self-worth. Regardless, working through one’s past adverse experiences is often a vital step in healing and recovery.

    Trauma Therapy in Palm Beach, FL – A Phased Approach

    Often, trauma therapy occurs in a phased approach. The first phase’s goals are to increase stability and build rapport and trust with the therapist. Then, they prepare for going back to some of those tender emotional places. The next phase involves addressing traumatic memories using a variety of therapeutic approaches. Then, when things resolve, the goal becomes helping the client re-create their lives. A trauma therapist will work to create a newfound sense of serenity and healing.

    The Trauma Therapy Plan

    The trauma treatment plan can be simple such as with a recent car accident or single traumatic event. In other situations, therapy may be more complicated when other factors are present. This may include:

    • A complex trauma history
    • Deficits in coping skills
    • And the presence of other comorbid mental health conditions

    Coming up with an appropriate plan is a collaborative process. The trauma therapist acts as a guide, but with input all along the way from the client. Much trauma is interpersonal and involves feelings of helplessness and powerlessness. So, it is crucial that in the healing process a client has a sense of trust and safety with the therapist and feels in control of the process.

    Is All Trauma Therapy Focused on The Past? 

    Not exactly, there is much work to do in the present. This includes learning effective skills at managing symptoms, communicating and setting boundaries, and practicing healthy self-care behaviors. But, working through these old psychological wounds is often crucial to comprehensive recovery.

    Trauma Therapy (A Helpful Metaphor)

    Consider the idea of trauma therapy as being like the demolition of an old, unwanted building. We wouldn’t walk up to the building and start hitting it with a sledgehammer. First, we would need to review the blueprints and schematics, come up with a solid plan, and prepare the site to ensure safety and containment. Then we can work to take it down! When the old structure is gone, we then start the process of rebuilding. By doing so, we can create an even better, stronger, happier, and healthier building in its place.

    An exterior of the building housing Mangrove Therapy Group. Learn more about trauma therapy in Palm Beach, FL and other services by contacting a trauma therapist in Miami, FL.

    Schedule an Appointment for Trauma Therapy in Delray Beach, FL

    At Mangrove Therapy Group we believe you can get past your past and not be a prisoner to, or be defined by, your trauma. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled trauma therapists. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

    1. Meet with a caring therapist
    1. Start overcoming past trauma!

    Other Services Offered with Mangrove Therapy Group 

    Trauma therapy isn’t the only service offered at our Delray Beach, FL-based practice. Our clinicians are experts in treating trauma and PTSD/C-PTSD. We also offer support for addictions like substance abuse, process addictionseating disorders, and “Failure to Launch syndrome. In addition, we also offer support via EMDR, personality disordersgrief and loss, CBT, DBT, problems with Self-Esteem, and much more. Feel free to visit our blog or FAQ page to learn more today!