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    Why Mangroves


    We chose the beautiful mangrove trees of Florida to represent our therapy group as symbolism for the quality and depth of work we provide. Mangroves are resilient, built with armor to protect from harsh environmental conditions, and providing for the ecosystem that keeps the waters functioning and sustainable. 

    It all comes down to the glorious roots—the foundation of it all. We pride ourselves on doing the deep, important work of psychotherapy. Current problems always trace back to the core roots… generational themes, family of origin dysfunction, and trauma. Often what is seen on the surface is a culmination of maladaptive coping skills that our brains developed to protect hidden pain and traumatic events. 

    Our Intention

    Our intention at Mangrove Therapy Group is to always treat the whole person, not only current presenting problems. We believe in consistently probing beneath the surface to achieve more impactful healing and lasting results. This means including the family in treatment when appropriate, collaborating with doctors, psychiatrists, attorneys, and other therapists to ensure the best quality of care. Our team is committed to providing top notch therapy services to every client, every time. 

    Let’s get to work!