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    Family Therapy for Addictions

    Family Therapy for Addictions and other Mental and Behavioral Disorders in Delray Beach, FL

    Much of the work we do with families involves dealing with a loved one who has an addiction or some type of unmanageable behavioral or emotional problem. Addiction impacts the entire family system in profound, destructive ways and it’s important for families to seek support and guidance to deal with the fallout and respond in healthy, practical ways. Often, families inadvertently contribute to the “enabling” process and need coaching and education to learn new ways of dealing with the problem. This process often feels counterintuitive and as if going against all natural instincts, however is critical to combating the addictive process. You may need help or coaching towards getting to a place where your loved one’s crisis does not have to become your crisis, with the negative pattern repeating over and over again. Or perhaps you just need a safe place to talk about your struggle with empathy and support.

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    At Mangrove Therapy Group, we are expertly trained in helping families in this capacity and feel very passionate about this work. Much of the treatment focus has historically been placed on the addict or the one with the behavioral issue, however profound change can occur by redirecting some of the efforts and resources on supporting the family system.

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